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…because everything is Vital.

No such thing as meeting by accident

On our road trip from Austin to San Diego we stopped in Tucson and Alfonso rear-ended into our car. Alfonso and his wife where coming back from their children’s medical session and Alfonso was heading to work.

As I meet Alfonzo and evaluated the situation, on Alfonso’s dashboard I catch a glimpse on his bible.

The front of the car was pretty beat up, the radiator was leaking, he had to body slam the hood closed. Our rear end bumper hardly had a scratch. His two children age 2 and 4 sit politely and quietly in the back seat of his car.

Regardless of the condition of his car, he promptly offered us cash to resolve the minor accident.

God specifically puts people in our paths for a reason and at that moment, I realized His light was shining bright upon our path. This is what I define as a LAMP moment.

We exchanged contact information and agreed to wait upon the Lord. Alfonzo is without a doubt, a Godly man, and one who walks by faith.


Author: Eric

I have been married to my wife Laura since 1995, and live in Austin, Texas with our two children. I have participated in the sport of triathlon and investing for many years.

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