LAMP Missions

…because everything is Vital.

Guaranteed Uncertainty

You have to do something counter-intuitive if you want to reach your God-given potential and fulfill your God-given destiny.

Stop spending all your energy making plans for God, and start seeking God.

Faith is embracing uncertainty.

Following Christ reduces spiritual uncertainty, but it does not reduce circumstantial uncertainty.

Your explanations are more important than your experiences. While you can’t control your experiences, you can control your explanations.

Some of your experiences won’t make sense this side of eternity, but you can be certain to know that God is connecting the dots in ways they can’t comprehend.

The Chase

What questions do you have for God in your own Deuteronomy 29:29 file?

There are secrets the Lord God has not revealed to us. Deuteronomy 29:29

What could you do to help yourself accept that they may not get answered in your lifetime?


Author: Eric

I have been married to my wife Laura since 1995, and live in Austin, Texas with our two children. I have participated in the sport of triathlon and investing for many years.

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