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Playing it Safe is Risky

Small changes and small choices become magnified over time and have major consequences.

Sometimes taking a calculated risk means giving up something good so you can experience something great.

One courageous choice may be the only thing between you and your dream becoming reality.

The goal of faith is NOT the elimination of risk.

A relationship with God is the ultimate win/win relationship because you can never give up more than you get back.

We won’t regret the mistakes we made as much as the God-ordained opportunities we missed.

There is nothing passive about following Christ.

The Chase

There is no such thing as risk-free faith. What risks are stopping you from tackling an important task or growing in an important area in your life right now?


Author: Eric

I have been married to my wife Laura since 1995, and live in Austin, Texas with our two children. I have participated in the sport of triathlon and investing for many years.

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