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Banks foreclosing on Churches….Bank’s lack perfection…

If you are a church pastor or know of a church that wants to defend itself from the banks here are some resources to propose to your church boards and members with some legal talents.

Banks foreclosing on Churches

  1. On information and belief,
    1. Lenders sold the loan to a bankruptcy remote securitization vehicle, 
    2. converted the debt into equity,
    3. broke the chain of title, and
    4. inherently eliminated the collateralization of the church property relative the debt or note.
      1. Therefore, the church debt is unsecured.
        1. The lender is coming back to collect on a debt it no longer owns and
        2. is merely the loan servicer or purchaser of a legally invalid previously forgiven debt.
        3. Any bank claiming or alleging a right to your operation’s property lack’s perfection and is defrauding you and the courts.
    1. The court’s finding may be made solely on a review of the documentation or instrument attached to the motion and without hearing any testimonial evidence. The court’s review may be made ex parte without delay or notice of any kind. An appellate court shall expedite review of a court’s finding under this section.
    2. The district clerk may not collect a filing fee for filing a motion under this section.
  3. The Harvey v Garbett Quiet Title Case successful removed the fraudulent deed from the chain of title because the debt and the deed where split.
  4. The following are a list of Discovery Questions you can use to Answer back in your defense or revise to include in your suit against MERS.
    1. It is most likely the attorney will be fraudulently representing MERS.
    2. MERS never hired the attorney, the bank’s attorney hired itself and is being paid by the bank.
  5. Quiet Title Handbook. 
  6. Legal jurisdictions are important.
    1. The Magna Carta is nearly a millennium old. It divided the Western world into those who are descendants under Roman law and those who are the descendants of English law.
    2. Greeks and other Europeans are in the Roman law camp, which empowers the state at the expense of the individual.
    3. English law attempts to protect the individual from the state.
    4. The tension between these two systems continues to the present day. Notice the different treatment of the majority of debt holders under Greek law vs. the minority of debt holders under non-Greek law.
    5. Investors who venture out of English law are invited to take note of the risk.

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