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The Carpe Terram Fact Books are hot off the presses!

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Dear Veritas Community,The Carpe Terram Fact Books are hot off the presses!  Please stop by the main office to pick up one for your family if we donn’t catch you at the drop-off lines on Monday morning.  The office is open until 4pm today.The Fact Book contains the details behind our search for a permanent campus, including a discussion of the need and what we’ve done over the years to address that need.  Then the particular land opportunity before us is explored, including a presentation of a detailed description of the property and our plans to acquire it and develop it.  Timelines and fundraising details are contained within.  Finally, we attempt to make the case for why Veritas is worth the investment, and then we ask for your support.At 36 pages, it’s a fairly comprehensive tome, but fear not for there is a three-and-a-half page Executive Summary, and the body of the narrative is peppered with photos, graphics and callouts that provide even a skimmer with a decent understanding after an investment of just 5 minutes.  We ask every Veritas family and SR student to read the Executive Summary, and if that doesn’t convince you to read more, then at least look over theStudent Outcomes section beginning on page 27 to understand what is happening at your school.  We think you may be surprised at the evidence indicating how intelligent, artsy, athletic, virtuous and ambitious our students are becoming.  Great things are happening at this school — please learn about it!

Click here

for an electronic version of the Fact Book, if you prefer, though we still request that you pick up your family’s packet at the school which contains additional information beyond the high gloss, color copy of the book.  We invite you to share this book with others you feel may be interested in learning more about the school or possibly supporting our efforts.  Feel free to forward this email along; or if you know of someone, like a grandparent, who would want or need a printed copy, please click here to provide us with his/her name and address, and we will mail a copy to them directly.

Lastly, we invite you to come see this property and attend a Q&A forum to address your questions and concerns.  Folks, don’t just rely on our words… come see this land for yourself and catch a vision of your own children and grandchildren experiencing life in such a good and fruitful land!  Tours are tonight, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening.  A few more will be set up for next week.  Because we need to schedule an adequate number of pickup trucks to ferry folks to the land, we ask that you add your name to a schedule by clicking here

Additional Q&As will also be scheduled for next week.  Tentatively plan on our board chairman and/or me being available at 8:30 every morning, immediately after morning drop-off (unless there is a site visit scheduled for that morning).  We will also endeavor to be available during some lunch times and evenings, as needed.

Carpe Terram pro Veritas!

(“Seize the Land for Truth”)

Jef Fowler

Head of School


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I have been married to my wife Laura since 1995, and live in Austin, Texas with our two children. I have participated in the sport of triathlon and investing for many years.

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