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The Traitor Within

h/t John EldredgeWild at Heart (book)

There is no other man who can replace you in this life, in the arena that you have been called to.  If you leave this place it will remain empty.  No one else can be you or who you were meant to be.

When Christ calls a man forward to the front lines, he wants to develop and release in you the warrior.

A mercenary fights for pay, for his own benefit; his life is devoted to himself.

A true warrior serves something, someone higher than himself.

That is the moving quality, the secret of the warrior heart of Jesus.

You will always encounter three enemies:

  1. the Flesh,
  2. the World, and
  3. the Devil.

Because they always conspire together it’s difficult to talk about them individually; in any battle at least two of them are involved, but usually it’s all three.

Kiss it Goodbye – Nickelback

Shoot the traitor! choose against him every time. 

h/t John EldredgeWild at Heart (book)

The book had a very favorable reception by many, including Chuck Swindoll, who called it “the best, most insightful book I have read in at least the last five years.” It also received harsh criticism, with some claiming that the book misuses scriptural references, and that Eldredge has projected his own personality traits onto God in order to support his viewpoint. Despite this criticism, it remains a favorite in many evangelical circles, and a top seller.


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