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Battlefield of the Mind

Apparently we have between 40 to 60 THOUSAND thoughts daily. Those are a lot of thoughts.  This means that more than 50% of those thoughts must be positive, or you better have some very powerful positive ones to outpace the negative ones. You follow?

The difference between success and failure is very small. Yes part of it is to keep going, but the sooner you find that small thing to change the better. Eventually, by staying after the goal, and seeing obstacles as just part of the course, one will find the tweak. God likes to step in and the closer you get, the more the mystery is revealed.

The quality of our thoughts is vital. I have personally had too many failures as a result of the negative thought cycle. The worst issues are the ones that are not even known. How can you fix something you do not even know exists? That fix will only come as a result of taking captive of our thoughts.

I hope to expand on this subject as things evolve. Over the last year, a book written by Mark Douglas called the Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone have been very helpful to myself. Here is a list of additional books [no particular order] that come to mind that have helped.

CS Lewis [Weight of Glory]

CS Lewis [Screwtape Letters]

Lee Strobel [Case for the Real Jesus]

Eldredge [Wild at Heart]

Joyce Meyer [Battlefield of the Mind]

Chuck Swindoll [Intimacy with the Almighty]

The Holy Bible

Here I’d like to share 20 tips to overcome negative thoughts mostly based on this principle. Not all tips are suitable for all situations, so choose the ones that work for you. Here they are:

  1. Realize that you only hurt yourself with negative thoughts. Don’t let them trick you.
  2. Decide that you will live your day with happiness and not let negative thoughts steal it.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m a positive person. I won’t let negative thoughts control me. I’m a winner in life.”
  4. Read positive quotes. You can go to Quotations Page or ThinkExist and browse the topics. Or, if you want random quotes, you can go to Random Quotations.
  5. Never say negative words in your conversation.
  6. Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. For example, instead of thinking “This problem is too difficult” think “This problem is cool and challenging”.
  7. If you think negatively about someone, remember positive things about that person. Shift your attention to the positive side.

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Author: Eric

I have been married to my wife Laura since 1995, and live in Austin, Texas with our two children. I have participated in the sport of triathlon and investing for many years.

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