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Many Thanks to the Church of Acts and donors in Mission-Got Toys

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The Church of Acts in Elsa, Texas was so welcoming to us. Pastor’s Graciano Castaneda, and Steve Martinez, provided us a great opportunity to deliver toys and clothes to those in need.

Many thanks for the clothing and toys provided by:

Paul Holubets and his clients from Rough Hollow Fitness,

Laura Stiles-Kottke and her student families,

Amanda DeVore Broderick and her friends from Las Vegas.


Here is the link to John Wilson’s I Refuse. You will need to use these direct links as I am not able to successfully embed the video at this time.



You Tube is playing difficult with their coding, such that one HAS TO GO to YOU TUBE to see the video links. This is because THEY want the impressions and hit traffic to support the you tube platform. The You Tube platform has been a loss leader for Google since their poor purchase decision.


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One thought on “Many Thanks to the Church of Acts and donors in Mission-Got Toys

  1. Glad this was a success. A great experience for the kids to help other children. The enemy really tried to keep you from going, but the Lord gave you and Laura the strength to do the service you set out to do in His name….I know all were blessed…