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Tri 4 a Cause



Base Stage training Week 1

This weekend Dad and I biked 20 miles and ran 4 miles.

I biked the 20 miles in 1:31 that is 30 minutes faster than last week’s 20 mile ride. Although last week we did have a lot more head wind. It was like riding the Kona Ironman. Dad let me draft behind him to break the wind.

This Sunday morning, we ran over 4 miles on the trail. It is really about running as far as we can in 45 minutes. We ran farther this week than last week!

The pictures are of my pre ride breakfast which include BeetElite Neo Shots. Medicine tastes better, but the stuff is worth it out on the rode.

Here are some quotes worth sharing from our weekend training journey.

This morning I really did not want to ride, I was nervous and my bed was so warm and cozy.

Kicking but feels great, this ride is awesome!

Love without limits, Live without boundaries.

Kicking the coaches butt, feels way better. The coach is my dad of course.

Have I biked to Barton Creek Yet? Yeah!

You were movin.

How much farther to the checkpoint?



IMG_4249 IMG_4250 IMG_4251 IMG_4252

tri 4 a cause is (obviously a cause!) helping an organization at the moment called Pure Joy.

You’d probably like a bit more info on Pure Joy…right?

So, they go down to a place called Pure (pure-a) South Sudan , it’s 6 hours away from any other civilization… and to that town 6 hours from Pure, and to Pure you have to drive on EXTREMELY rough roads! But Pure Joy endures the long flight to South Sudan, and the rough roads…but all of that is so worth it because when you get there there’re need for the basic necessities in life is kinda overwhelming. 5,6 0r 7 year -olds  walk 5 miles for clean water or about 2 for dirty water! Their food is all home -grown, or it’s animals they hunted… and there’s no sauces or seasonings, just plain food cooked over a fire … for them it’s fine, but for most people it would be horrific.

Pure Joy has come in and given them them clean water through a well they dug, given them some light, worked in the orphanages, and now they’re trying to build a school! This is the foundation tri 4 a cause is racing around the world for, and hopefully in the future we’ll have even more foundations we’re helping!

Please spread the word, and let others know they can help by donating.

By giving you’ll be helping people who live off a dollar a day!!! Think about it…

🙂 Sophia ❤



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Sophia is a student athlete.

4 thoughts on “Tri 4 a Cause

  1. So proud of our Sophia and her heart to help others by being her best and working hard to bring the love of Jesus to those who don’t know Him and to help those in need of food, clothing and love through God’s children. Sophia, you are really amazing giving it your all and eating strange food!!! I should get some of those water bottles for your cousins.

    I hope that many will see this blog and that the Holy Spirit will touch hearts to help Pure Joy and give from a generous heart for His glory!!

  2. Ya Sophia!