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Could not imagine doing anything else….


So… I’m back!!! πŸ™‚ I had a great week-end, and I hope ya’ll had a good one too. On Saturday I rode 29.4 miles (biking) and today I ran around 4 1/2 miles ( on a rough trail ).

This weekend’s quote while training:

It may be hard and I sometimes may not want to do it, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

O.K. enough about me…I want to say something to wonderful, amazing, awesome you!!! I want to “dare” ya’ll to get out and run…maybe a mile or maybe 10 miles ( like my cousins who run 24/7 …seriously, they are awesome!!!) or you could do several miles on your bike…you could even swim 15-30 minutes, hopefully your swimming at in-door pool! So, that’s my dare to you for the week…I know you can do it!

Enjoy the pictures I found from my first Triathlon at age 5 in Kyle Texas.

If you read my post last week you know about the foundation I’m running for, Pure Joy, now I’m gonna shed a little more light on the subject for ya. My dad and I want to do international distance triathlons (formerly known as Olympic distance and it’s a 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run) on all 7 continents…we don’t know about Antarctica if we do do it hopefully there’ll be in-door pool to swim in (please God!!!).

For North America we’re doing Austin, Texas and probably another city to most likely take Antarctica’s place, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for South America, Zurich,Switzerland for Europe, we still need to figure out the rest of them!!!

Love, Sophia πŸ™‚


This post is dedicated to the Kosewick Family. Thank you for your donation.


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Sophia is a student athlete.

2 thoughts on “Could not imagine doing anything else….

  1. Hurrah for you Sophie!! God bless you and thanks for the encouragement to exercise.
    Say hi to you mom & dad for me.

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