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Sophia’s Extremely late “weekend” post!

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Hey ya’ll….I hope you’re having a GREAT week! So, I’d like to dedicate this post to Leslie Smithwick, and any future people who donate to Pure Joy or to help me get into the Cap-Tex.

Leslie plans to give me some to help get me into the Cap-Tex!



Anyway, unfortunately I’m going to make this post kinda short! 😦  So, one….ya’ll are awesome! (don’t ask why you just are!)

Two, I may have already mentioned this but I’m gonna say it again….I got the age waver for the Cap-Tex tri!!!!

Three, I’m giving you another “dare”….I want you to exercise again, except now (if you can!) I want you to go out on a trail run, or bike ride with your family!

OK though, before I say good bye I’m sorry about the extremely late “weekend” post!!! And I’m sorry that this post is so short, but gotta run!

One more thing though….choose to be happy!

Love, Sophia 😀


Author: tri4cause

Sophia is a student athlete.

One thought on “Sophia’s Extremely late “weekend” post!

  1. I know that the Lord will provide as He always does when your hearts desire is to share the gospel and run, bike, swim for His glory my sweet, beautiful granddaughter….