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Sophia’s Weekend Post! [You’re doing it wrong.]


Hello….again!!! So, I don’t know how you’re week went….but mine was, well, horrible. I home-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’d realized I was really behind on a lot of home-work. On Tuesday I pretended I was on track….I finished at about 7 p.m., my Dad had had to put together a new schedule for me, and I missed my work-out ( my parents and I also got in a lot of arguments 😦 )….not a good day. Thursday was worse, I had to catch up on ALL my un-finished assignments due Friday ( there were a lot of things I didn’t do ) so I spent hours on grammar, several more on math and the rest on science, history, my elective, and memorizing a really long poem. I finished at about 9:30 p.m. , I didn’t work-out again and had so many arguments with my parents….another great day, huh?

transition fail

Now, you are not going to believe what happened next….school got cancelled Friday. I swear, I think they did that as a prank….seriously! Okay, now that you’ve heard about my terrible week here’s the positive part,  I realized God can help me over-come my problems….He can do the same with you to. So, this week I do not have a dare for you, but I do want to share this with you. Some of you like keeping up with  my work-out schedule….so today and yesterday I ran 6 miles ( no biking ) , 12 miles in total. it’s the most I’ve run….still nothing compared to my cousins in Big Bear Cali….one day I’m going to catch them, yeah one-day in the not so near future….:-D. Now, I’m going to mention 1 more thing, did any-one see that Russion figure-skater last night on the Olympics? She was 15, got first place, and was an animal!!! talk about an inspiration….and role model! Okay gotta go, but remember You Are Amazing!

running cheaper than therapy

Love, Sophia

BTW….if you haven’t noticed this …. is my favorite punctuation and  just figured out how to bold! 😀


Author: tri4cause

Sophia is a student athlete.

3 thoughts on “Sophia’s Weekend Post! [You’re doing it wrong.]

  1. You are doing great, Sophia! Hope we get to see you again soon. When you are as old as your cousins, you will be running right with them!

  2. I’m sorry that you had a hard week sweetheart. Maybe a good way to start each day is to ask the Lord to help you focus on what you need to get done. Starting your day with Him will make smooth your path and be filled with joy and not a battle. I know that you can do whatever you set your mind to because you are smart and talented and the Lord has given you so many gifts that will bring joy to many. So pray when you go to bed and when you get up and I know that he Holy Spirit will fill you with His peace and calm and when you are distracted take a deep breath and just say the name Jesus.
    You are amazing my sweet Sophia and you are going to do great things in your life so don’t be hard on yourself……you are a child of the King….His princess full of talent, joy and a caring heart.

    Love you bunches my sweet girl, Mimi

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