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Standing up for yourself


So…..whats up!? I’ve got my AMAZING friend Michelle with me. So in this post  gonna talk about standing up for your-self….and that can be  really hard. I, for one, am not very good at that. For the past several months I’ve kinda been “bullied”. There is this girl in my class, we’re gonna say her name is Emily, she has been beating me up….until last Monday. So you’re probably wondering what happened that day, well Emily was choking me. Then after warning her if she didn’t let go of me I would hurt her, (she didn’t let go) so I elbowed her in the gut. Long story short , she cried, got over it, found out I was fed up with her picking on me, we made up, and she hasn’t messed with me since. Lesson learned for both of us… to people early if you’re mad at them, and don’t pick on people.  Don’t let people pick on you, no matter how old you are, or where you are, people will mess with you……STAND UP FOR YOUR-SELF!!! Now Michelle is going to talk to ya’ll…..she was the  only one who stood up for me that day when everyone blamed me . So, she’s  got some good stuff to say!

Love, Sophia

Yeah if someones coming at you punch them or at least try to defend yourself instead of just taking it. Or then it will get worse.  Oh and do sports it will help you get stronger. If you are trying to defend yourself  punch them in the middle of their stomach right below the rib cage. It will knock the wind out of them.




One more thing, you guys who like keeping up with my work-outs…. I biked 37 miles on Saturday, and ran 7 miles today. Adios!!!

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These are pictures of  my friend Angelique and I working out Thursday!!!




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Sophia is a student athlete.

4 thoughts on “Standing up for yourself

  1. Sophia, this makes me sad. You go to a Christian school right? So next time someone is mean or ever touches you remind them that as Christians this is not the way to solve anything. Suggest that talking is a better way to resolve things and be sure you have a friend along side to support you. Share that God is love and that we are to love as He does, caring for one another at all times….it is a commandment to love one another. I’m so sorry that you had to experience this but I am thankful that it is resolved and that you have a friend that will be there for you…..thank your friend for me Sophia and before you go to school ask God to place His angel armies at your side.
    Your workouts are awesome and amazing, so proud of you Sophia. I know that you and dad are going to do great.
    Remember that Papa and I love you and pray for you always…..Hugs, Mimi

  2. Dear Sophia,
    I, too, was sad to hear about the bullying. I know it is very prevalent nowadays in our schools, Christian or not. Girls are girls wherever they are–some are nice and some not so nice. You did the right thing to stand up for yourself with the elbow maneuver at that time as she was choking you. Where are the teachers when this stuff is happening? Sophia, even though it appears you have taken care of this situation, you do need to report it to your teacher or an authority at the school. If you let it go, it can happen again and again, maybe not to you but to someone else who isn’t as strong as you are. As a Christian you have an obligation to talk to an adult at the school about this incident.
    As for Michelle’s advice–punching isn’t the one size fits all answer and sometimes it escalates a situation and it can get out of hand quickly. Resolution by power is one of the weakest defenses–I think you’re a smart girl so use your smarts and talk to the person about what you don’t like and why you won’t take it anymore. Resorting to physical violence in like kind only leads to more problems; that’s why an adult is needed to intervene in these situations. Someone could really, really be hurt physically even with good intentions of only winding them. When adrenaline kicks in, our strength supercharges, and we don’t know our own limits during those times of anger. Be wise, choose to talk it out with an adult present. Resort to arbitration not physicality; smart people use their brains not their brawn. You’re a strong girl–you do work-outs–use your strength for God and treat people as God’s treasures–even your enemies. I’m sure you’ve read that somewhere in Scripture, right? Think about it.

    My love and peace to you and may you choose to fight back earlier next time around, with words and adult support. Love, Jackie

  3. Thank you for your comments and insight. I shared them with Sophia

  4. Sophia,
    Thanks for sharing your story about being bullied. IMO, being choked is much more than bullying, its aggressive assault that can lead to serious injury or death. Regardless of what you believe the relationship with “Emily” now is, you and your parents should meet with school officials to report the problem. You may have earned the respect of a bully, in her view, by in some way acting like her. In other words, she may now like you because you are willing to get physical too. But, even if you are now “buds”, she may turn her aggression on another student with a less positive outcome. Leopards can’t change their spots. IMO, you had every right to defend yourself under the circumstances in a relatively controlled manner (ONE shot to the gut). You’re an amazing young lady and I’m blessed to know you. Watch your back. Love to your parents.