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Standing up for yourself

So…..whats up!? I’ve got my AMAZING friend Michelle with me. So in this post  gonna talk about standing up for your-self….and that can be  really hard. I, for one, am not very good at that. For the past several months I’ve kinda been “bullied”. There is this girl in my class, we’re gonna say her name is Emily, she has been beating me up….until last Monday. So you’re probably wondering what happened that day, well Emily was choking me. Then after warning her if she didn’t let go of me I would hurt her, (she didn’t let go) so I elbowed her in the gut. Long story short , she cried, got over it, found out I was fed up with her picking on me, we made up, and she hasn’t messed with me since. Lesson learned for both of us… to people early if you’re mad at them, and don’t pick on people.  Don’t let people pick on you, no matter how old you are, or where you are, people will mess with you……STAND UP FOR YOUR-SELF!!! Now Michelle is going to talk to ya’ll…..she was the  only one who stood up for me that day when everyone blamed me . So, she’s  got some good stuff to say!

Love, Sophia

Yeah if someones coming at you punch them or at least try to defend yourself instead of just taking it. Or then it will get worse.  Oh and do sports it will help you get stronger. If you are trying to defend yourself  punch them in the middle of their stomach right below the rib cage. It will knock the wind out of them.




One more thing, you guys who like keeping up with my work-outs…. I biked 37 miles on Saturday, and ran 7 miles today. Adios!!!

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These are pictures of  my friend Angelique and I working out Thursday!!!